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Impact Shakers

Catalysing systemic change by funding & supporting inclusive impact entrepreneurship.

Impact Shakers Ventures invests in diverse-led  pre-seed impact startups in Europe (incl the UK).


Each year, we select 6-8 impact startups that receive investment and join our Impact Shakers Flagship Accelerator.

Call Closed, will open again in Fall 2024

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Ecosystem-led investing

Business Building

We are abandoning the scarcity mindset that tricks us into believing that there is too little of everything and instead embrace the abundance that collaboration can bring. Together, we build stronger and more resilient businesses and support systems. 

Founders & Investors are Human Beings

We move away from the "us vs them" mentality and meet each other as humans.


The more we break down these barriers, the better the results we can achieve together.

Complexity is natural

The problems we need to solve are complex - and require many different stakeholders to work together.


We offer the community and infrastructure to accommodate these complex relationships and deliver financial and impact returns for all stakeholders. 

We invest in impact startups in 

Climate Tech

Impact Infrastructure

Inclusion Tech

via the Impact Shakers Accelerator

A 6-month tailored accelerator for underrepresented founders in Europe to scale their impact startup.

Interested in Investing?

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