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Startup - Third Sector Collaboration

Sept 29th

For many impact businesses, corporates might not always be the right partner, customer or investor. The many large scale NGO's, foundations or UN subsidiaries are often a much better match. Until now, there was little research or framework to be used in establishing these types of collaborations.

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Q&A How to Raise Alternative Funding for Your Impact Business

Yonca & Esme walk you through the 5 week programme and you get to ask any question you still have.

Oct 6th

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Changemakers at the margins: How social entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups create effective and humane solutions

Oct 14th

Esade Business School and Ashoka Hello Europe presented a report which begins to scratch the surface of this huge potential of people with a migrant background for the sector of social innovation.

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Cross-cultural remote communication

Oct 28th

Working remotely across borders has become mainstream in 2020, but how can we foster an inclusive environment for cross-cultural collaboration?

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Marketing Strategy Sprint for Your Impact Business

Nov 17th

A 1.5-hour workshop to learn how to build a marketing strategy for your impact business.


Past Events

Fireside chat with one of Portugal's most exciting impact entrepreneurs, Nuno Brito Jorge from GoParity.

The Role of Design in Circular Economy Business Models

How to pivot from an in-person to a virtual accelerator programme

Using OKR's for structure, focus and motivation in uncertain times

5 Tips for Designing Human-Centered Experiences for Virtual teams by

Our Lisbon kick off event was a workshop exploring what an ‘activist entrepreneur’ could be and the start of our manifesto.

For this meetup we had the pleasure to host an impact entrepreneur and an impact investor with a direct entrepreneur-investor relationship.

Jeroen Vereecke / Robinetto & Piet Colruyt / Impact investor, director, entrepreneur

The Meetup in New York gathered the Impact Shakers community for the first the time.

At the meetup in the Bay Area, we got inspired by the sharing economy pioneer Caterina Rindi. 


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