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Impact Angel

A 6 week programme to help you get started with impact angel investing.

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Become part of the solution

In our virtual 6 week programme we help you get started with angel investing in a safe environment and we teach you how to apply an impact lens to your angel investments.

As an impact angel, you can align your investments with your purpose while supporting founders & businesses that work towards building a better world. Making it an excellent way to make your money matter.


In 6 weeks of online sessions, you'll learn alongside value-driven angels from the Impact Shakers Venture team & guests.

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Don't know where to start?

"I've always wanted to start investing without it feeling like a pure transaction, but knowing that if I get a return, it's because people and planet are being regenerated, and not the other way round."

Moh Al-Haifi

Co-Founder & Ethical Growth Director

Zebra Growth


Join the Next
Impact Angel Programme


We designed the first angel programme focused on impact investing because 
the world needs more of us to become part of the solution.

Whilst we might not have the brilliant solution for a complex problem ourselves,
we can support one!

Join the next cohort of this virtual 6 week programme and learn how you can align your investments with your purpose!

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Impact Angel Investing 101


Building your investment thesis


Building diverse dealflow


Deal assessment &
Due diligence

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The investment process

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How to add value and care for your portfolio

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Our Approach

Online sessions

Each week we'll host a live session in which we'll take you through the material and make room for questions and discussion.

Case Study

We built a case study so you can go through at least one full process that helps you apply the new investment skills. 

Curated Content

We share some of the best sources we have come across from experts across the globe.

Guest Q&A

We invite some of the most credible angel investors out there to share their experience with you. 

Practical Exercises

We developed a number of practical exercises that help you integrate what you learned. 


We developed tools to support you during and after the programme. 

Your Experts

  • LinkedIn

Alina Klarner

Head of Ventures  

Impact Shakers


Yonca Braeckman

  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO

Impact Shakers

What you'll learn

Basic concepts of angel investing and impact investing

How to find startups aka dealflow?

How to make a deal

The founder's perspective

How to build an investment thesis

Term sheet analysis

Where to start?

How to evaluate startups aka due dilligence

How to add value and care for your portfolio

Who should join?

Make Your Money Matter

Do you have disposable income and are you interested in learning how you can make a direct impact by investing? 

Financial Empowerment

Do you want to understand how angel investing works and how risk capital works as a category of investment? 

Adding an Impact Lens

Are you an active angel investor that wants to add an impact lens to your future investments? 

Download our
Impact Angel Investing Glossary

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