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Impact Shakers

Our incubators are focused on awareness raising, early stage entrepreneurship and challenge-based innovation.  


The incubators are designed to empower underrepresented founders by developing the skills they need to build successful and ambitious social impact ventures to help get more diverse people
into entrepreneurship.

We currently don't have
a new incubator scheduled. 

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Beating the Odds

Incubator for underrepresented founders

#BEATINGTHEODDS is a 4-month fast-track incubator for underrepresented founders to launch their impact startup.

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Google Incubator 

Incubator for 30 female entrepreneurs

The Google Digital Atelier Incubator is a three-month training and coaching
program to inspire and empower women who are (aspiring) entrepreneurs. It has been designed to provide women with skills, coaching and networking opportunities to build or grow their businesses.

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Odds Connect

Entrepreneurship training programme for 18-25 year olds

Odds Connection is a 5-week hybrid programme of on -and offline training, focused on entrepreneurial skills and coming up with innovative ideas bringing together young people with different perspectives.

An initiative was made possible with the support of the P&V Foundation, CAPITAL and the Google Digitaal Atelier.


iDrops one


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Studio Waste 

Challenge based incubation programme

Studio Waste Beats the Odds works with vulnerable youth from idea to early stage business. Starting from a circular economy challenge, participants choose waste streams and go through a design sprint to come up with a business idea. In the second part of the programme, they figure out whether the idea is a viable business idea and get to building.

Past Incubators

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