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Google Digitaal Atelier

Incubator for 30 female entrepreneurs

The Google Digital Atelier Incubator is a three-month training and coaching
program to inspire and empower women who are (aspiring) entrepreneurs. It has been designed to provide women with skills, coaching and networking opportunities to build or grow their businesses.

"We were delighted to partner with Impact Shakers on the Google Digital Atelier Incubator program to support female entrepreneurs in Belgium. They helped us to shape and roll out the program quickly and efficiently and continuously provided high-quality services. They have truly cared about the entrepreneurs in the program and were always open to feedback, which helped to maximize the impact of the program."

Laura Dings
Brand Marketing Manager Google

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CRAFT – European Action for Social Entrepreneurship Support

CRAFT is a 3-year

Horizon Europe project.

CRAFT, is designed to promote social entrepreneurship and amplify the impact of social and impact-driven initiatives throughout Europe by organising events, policy summits, and creating a digital ecosystem to foster stronger connections and collaboration among social innovation actors.  

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Report on how startups and the third sector can collaborate more and better

Collaboration between the third sector and startups can benefit both sides. For third sector organisations, tapping into startups’ innovative ideas and ways of working can lead to increased impact. For startups, it can make the difference between failing and scaling.

Third Sector Startup Collaboration - Report


Farol Startup Accelerator

Startup acceleration program to fight modern slavery.

FAROL was designed to unite and support projects in the fight against modern slavery, through collaborative innovation. The first accelerator of its kind. Startups, grassroots organisations and projects were invited to work alongside world class mentors and advisors to accelerate their goals.


Expand - Idea
Accelerator & Toolbox

EXPAND is a 3-year

Erasmus+ project.

EXPAND is a 4-month idea accelerator programme for future entrepreneurs tackling systemic problems in society. After embedding all the learnings of the first Idea Accelerator, the project will disseminate a practical toolbox with the best practices to replicate the accelerator in other universities or institutions.

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Studio Waste

Challenge based incubation programme

Studio Waste Beats the Odds works with vulnerable youth from idea to early stage business. Starting from a circular economy challenge, participants choose waste streams and go through a design sprint to come up with a business idea. In the second part of the programme, they figure out whether the idea is a viable
business idea and get to building.


Impact Shakers Awards

A celebration of impact businesses

Inspired by the doughnut economics model, the Impact Shakers Awards recognise European startups and scaleups making a positive impact on society and the environment.

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