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Impact Shakers

A 6 month accelerator for underrepresented founders in Europe to scale their impact startup.


Grow Together and Amplify Impact

The Impact Shakers Accelerator is the heart of our Impact Shakers Ecosystem. It is where we work directly with exceptional founder teams and connect them to our own impact investment vehicles as well as to our partner impact investment ecosystem.


Because we are convinced that we need financing to follow personal and company development in order to change the narrative and level the playing field we created our own microfund and we will invest 25k in your business.

Building a successful business is hard, you should be doing everything at the same time while taking care of yourself and your team. Let us help you to grow and succeed in your mission to make a positive impact

on people and the planet. 

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Applications Closed,
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I had never met investors who not only truly “got” impact, but were as genuinely committed to it as the Impact Shakers team. From the terms in our formal agreements to the conversations, it’s just so refreshing to have investors who are challenging you to grow a business, but even more so, to grow your impact to the best and biggest it can be.

Kimberley Abbott
Founder & CEO Vested Impact

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Our Approach

Don’t waste time that you do not have

We won't waste your time with mandatory workshops, instead, we'll offer you our self-paced and tailored online modules and focus on working with you on what really helps your business move forward at the exact moment you need it.

Focus on the Challenge

To build successful businesses, you need to have a unique understanding of the challenge you want to tackle.

Doughnut Model 

We use a doughnut lens to make sure all inputs and outputs are working towards thriving people on a thriving planet.

Lean Startup meets Impact

We expand on the lean startup method of rapid prototyping and fast iterations based on measurement and add feedback loops to the challenge, to validate the intended impact.

The Programme


Slicing the Pie

The people that support your growth are the actual owners of the company behind the accelerator. Incentives are completely aligned to assure the success of your business. 

When we recruit new mentors, coaches or staff, we work according to a slicing pie method. We also offer all portfolio companies a slice of the pie.

No winner takes all, the success of one, means everyone involved wins.

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9 Months Virtual

The programme will offer ongoing support for 9 months. The focus will be on custom personal & startup development plans. We will make sure the founders will get to focus on what matters most in their business as well as in their personal lives.

We choose a larger period of time to assure we can work in depth with the businesses in our programming. Each business had different needs.


Alternative Financing Focus

Building on the 'Raise Alternative Funding for Your Impact Business' programme we organised in partnership with Considered Capital & Zebras Unite, we continue our focus on alternative financing instruments to build sustainable businesses.

Which financing instrument you choose impacts your business as well as your life.


Summer Strategy Sessions

During the Summer part of the Accelerator, we foresee a weeklong gathering in person to reflect and recenter (probably in Portugal).

We are strong believers in remote work culture, yet we also know that nothing compares to personal bonding.

Reflect & Recenter


Direct Link to Impact

Investment Ecosystem

We have built relations with some of the most exciting impact investors across Europe and connect the companies in the accelerator to our own impact investment vehicles as well as to our partner impact investment ecosystem.

Partnerships are an integral part of our vision.


Global Impact Ecosystem

Joining Impact Shakers, means joining its global impact ecosystem. It is connecting to entrepreneurs and investors across the globe and learning and sharing experiences with diverse backgrounds.

Global from the get go.

Our Portfolio

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Our Track Record

We accelerated over 500 startups

We helped startups raise over 20 million euros

As underrepresented founders, we wanted our first cheque to come from an investor that understood the context of our journey so that they could support us adequately. We were blown away by Impact Shakers' mission and how they empower founders like us in our mission to build sustainable, and impactful companies.

Babusi Nyoni
Founder & CEO Sila Health


What we care about

Founder Focused

We invest in people. Your business will still change a lot and we invest in those that have the resilience and strength to steer it and their team into the future.

Problems & Markets

We love learning about the problem you want to solve and the market and your place in it. Teach us something new and we'll be the happiest and most curious kids in class.


Understand the impact you want to make. You don't have to have a shiny impact model yet, we'll build one together and help you keep your mission in focus.

Care about Your Users

If you understand and care about the real pain points of your users and can offer them a solution, you're well on your way to building a successful business.


  • Who should apply?
    Any early or growth stage for-profit company, registered in the continent Europe (including the UK), that has social and/or ecological impact with at least one underrepresented founders. We are raising a pre-seed/seed impact investment fund that we hope to have live by January 2023, so ideally companies that would be ready for an investment round by then. We aim to invest in companies coming from our impact ecosystem.
  • Do I have to have a legal entity?
    Preferably yes, but it could also be registered by the starting date of the accelerator, June 1st 2022.
  • What is the cost to participate?
    There is no cost to participate in the programme. We do ask for some advisory equity in return.
  • Do you take equity?
    We work according a slicing pie principle. If one of us wins, we all win. In the accelerator, we take some advisory equity in exchange for the offered support. We ask for 2% and we will offer you 0,2% in Impact Shakers BV, the legal entity behind the accelerator.
  • ​​How many companies will you accept?
    We will accept 8 companies in this cohort.
  • What if I'm building a non-profit?
    In this programme, we're focusing on businesses that have or will take a for-profit legal form. If yours is non-profit, please drop us a line, we're looking to do a cohort with non-profits and will keep you posted!
  • How much will you invest?
    We will invest 25.000 euros via our microfund in a SAFE type convertible loan. The microfund is a separate legal entity, CV Impact Shakers Coop and is currently being raised with the crowd.
  • How do you select participants? Are there any selection criteria?
    We added four main pillars we’ll select on: Founder team, Problem & Market, Impact & User focus. The businesses we'll select for this accelerator should have a scaleable business model.
  • When and how will we participate? How is the programme structured?
    We don’t make you waste time you don’t have. We focus on setting up a personal development plan and set milestones which we’ll track in progress coaching. We’ll offer workshops and content but none will be mandatory. If there’s any subject you need support with, we’ll look into it and organise a session if needed.
  • When will I hear back?
    If you pass to the next round, we will get in touch with you for an interview. If you submit early, this could be before the closing of applications. We want to get to know you better before we agree to work together for a pretty long time. Don’t hesitate to submit early :) We will notify all applicants before the start of the accelerator.
  • Can I change my application after submission?
    If you believe the new information is crucial, feel free to email us at
  • Which HQ countries can participate?
    All countries on the continent Europe (including the UK).
  • This page will be regularly updated.
    Keep an eye on it. Any other questions you need answered before applying, email us at

Our Service Partners

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