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Impact Shakers

Be the friends and family the world needs

Make your Money Matter

Join the Impact Shakers Microfund and help to finance businesses with a positive impact on people and planet.

The Microfund exists to:


Provide capital and expertise to exceptional diverse impact founders who don’t have friends & family with tens of thousands of Euros to spare to invest in their venture at the early stage

Create an inclusive community of diverse change makers and Impact Shakers, who would like to put their money where their values are



The Community

Our members consist of people from all walks of life, different levels of investment experience and different professional backgrounds -

from lawyers to space engineers, marketing professionals to entrepreneurs.




years old

EUR 250-12,500

"Joining the Impact Shakers ecosystem is a crucial step towards a more diverse and inclusive Trividend-portfolio”

Frederik Matthijs
Director Trividend

Foto Frederik Matthijs.jpg

Why join?

Learn & grow

Microfund members get early, discounted access to our Impact Angel Programme.

Meet like-minded people

We bring our community together for pitch events, programmes and impact events.

Play an important role

Members get to introduce startups, join the investment committee and vote on each investment. 

"We have the ability to impact
and change the world."

Olusola Osinoiki
Josh Leadership


 "The access to such a high level of A-grade startups is unprecedented. And they make investment democratised on top of it! Massive value for small tickets, can't beat that."

Julie de la Kethulle de Ryhove
The non-pretentious Innovation Strategy Advisor


The impact you'll make

Make Your Money Matter

By buying shares in the Microfund, you become an investor in a portfolio of diverse impact start-ups.

Be Part of the Solution

Use your capital and your expertise to help exceptional founders scale their businesses. 

Share your Experience

Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned professional - the community benefits from everyone’s collective experience & inputs.


The Microfund


Access to Capital

With less than 10% of all funding going to diverse founders, this Microfund offers a funding alternative to overlooked founders regardless of their background or financial situation.

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Diverse Innovators

The Microfund will only invest in diverse founder teams, because now more than ever, we need diverse perspectives to unlock all problem-solving potential and build businesses that can create impact at scale.


Impact Economy

We believe entrepreneurship is the best vehicle to develop impact solutions quickly and at scale. The Microfund supports business that have the potential to positively impact millions of lives in a sustainable manner.

Our Portfolio


Impact Data & Reporting

sila health.png

Access to Healthcare


Smart Farming


Access to Electricity


Sustainable Consumption

the joy club.png

Social Agetech 


Digital Product


Waste Management


Sustainable Fashion

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Take up a role

Anyone that wants to get more actively involved, will get the opportunity to support the companies we invest in.


Everyone that buys a share becomes a member. As a member you will be invited to the General Assembly and get to vote on investment proposals.

Investment Committee

Every year, 2 Members will be elected to join the Investment Committee. We will share a call for applications and any member can apply. 


Everyone has expertise to share. We'll invite you to put some of yours at the disposal of our portfolio companies. 

"We need new ways to bring growth capital to emerging diverse founders focused on positive impact. The Impact Shakers Microfunder is the most innovative and exciting model to do this I have come across so far."

Charlie Fraser
Co-Founder TERN


"I've always wanted to start investing without feeling guilty. Without it feeling like a pure transaction, but knowing that if I get a return, it's because people and planet are being regenerated, and not the other way round."

Moh Al-Haifi

Co-Founder & Ethical Growth Director

Zebra Growth


Download our
Impact Angel Investing Glossary

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Startup Selection

First analysis
Interview & Second analysis
Investment Committee
Continued Support

The Selection Criteria

Founder Focused

We invest in in people. Your business will still change a lot and we invest in those that have the resilience and strength to steer it and their team into the future.

Problems & Markets

We love learning about the problem you want to solve and the market and your place in it. Teach us something new and we'll be the happiest and most curious kids in class.


Understand the impact you want to make. You don't have to have a shiny impact model yet, we'll build one together and help you keep your mission in focus.

Care about Your Users

If you understand and care about the real pain points of your users and can offer them a solution, you're well on your way to building a successful business.

The Impact Shakers Microfund is a cooperative
that invests in impact businesses.

You can become a cooperator by buying shares at
250 EUR in the cooperative.

You can purchase the number of shares
that corresponds to your wishes and abilities. 

The Investment Committee


Alina Klarner

President of the Committee & Head of Ventures at Impact Shakers


Yonca Braeckman

Founder & CEO

Impact Shakers


Diana Pati

Co-Founder & COO

Impact Shakers


Safaa Charafi


Urban Inclusion

Arnaud Gillin.jpg

Arnaud Gillin

Co-founding Partner
at Innpact


Olusola Osinoiki


Josh Leadership

katy medlock.jpg

Katy Medlock


Back Market


Are you an early stage impact business with an underrepresented founder and are you looking for a friends and family size investment ticket?

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