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Corporate Impact


Become an Innovator for Change

In a world where the pace of change continues to accelerate, innovation and impact are of the essence.

To win and stay relevant, corporates are expected to:

  • Be innovative leaders in their industry

  • Comply with increasing regulation

  • Adapt to the future of work

  • Save the planet, and

  • Be moral leaders

We partner with corporate impact leaders to accelerate

the transition to the impact economy.

Amplify your Impact

We believe entrepreneurship holds the power to change the world

and can help you become an innovation and impact leader. 

We provide curated access to groundbreaking solutions developed by impact pioneers and help you add impact entrepreneurship as a tool for change.

Our bespoke programmes allow you to tap into the innovation and agility of impact startups, so you can hack your impact.


Challenges & Competitions

We design and develop hyper focused challenges and competitions that help discover and boost groundbreaking impact solutions.

Incubation &

As experienced startup programme designers,

we develop bespoke programmes that help you reach your strategic goals.


We design and organise stand alone events or event series on boundary pushing impact innovation topics and bring together stakeholders across the spectrum.

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