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The Impact Lab

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Become an Impact Lab Member

The Impact Lab will be the place where our most pioneering work takes place. It is where we partner deeply with impact leaders and bring together impact expertise to push boundaries and join forces to scale impact.


We use our lab capabilities to measure and report the change we drive and determine where further innovation is needed. The insights & concepts created also serve to educate and inspire action within and beyond the Impact Shakers network.

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The Impact Lab

Impact Expertise

We design and develop hyper focused challenges and competitions that help discover and boost groundbreaking impact solutions.

Co-create with
Impact Leaders

As experienced startup programme designers, we develop bespoke programmes that help you reach your strategic goals.

Lead the
Impact Conversation

We design and organise stand alone events or event series on boundary pushing impact innovation topics. 

Join the Impact Lab

The Impact Lab launches early May 2023.

Interested in joining as a corporate, governmental, academic or philanthropic partner? 

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