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Impact Shakers Community Call

Join the call on Feb 27

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Join us as we open a new circle of impact investors

Impact Shakers is an established ecosystem with an accelerator for startups like Vested Impact, Sensegrass & Humara. Thanks to the community of advisors, entrepreneurs, funders and of course the team at Impact Shakers, these startups have grown in impact and financial returns (+330%) and raised over €3 million in under a year of acceleration.


Impact Shakers is now raising a €20 million impact fund to invest in the next wave of companies coming through the accelerator.

Impact Shakers has a community of investors, entrepreneurs and founders, forming this new type of investing landscape, based on community, collaboration and ecosystem building.

In this call, Yonca Braeckman & Alina Klarner, General Partners of Impact Shakers Ventures, will tell us all about their new fund and the companies they invest in, followed by a Q&A.

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