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Marketing Associate

We are looking for a dynamic and creative Marketing Associate to join our team.

This role involves actively contributing to our marketing initiatives, creating compelling content, and supporting the overall mission of Impact Shakers. Your role includes transforming data sets into meaningful narratives that resonate with the audience. The ideal candidate will be passionate about making a positive impact through their work, and they will play a crucial role in enhancing brand awareness and engagement. 


We’re looking for someone who is passionate about sharing content that supports the entire impact entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem. Someone who gets excited about translating data into compelling insights and organizing events and who will also create supporting content & educational resources.


As all of our programmes are aimed at including more diverse entrepreneurs into social and environmental impact entrepreneurship, we’re looking for someone who wants to align their values with their work and help create positive change for people and planet.

About the Role

  • Content Creation and Management: develop engaging and impactful content for various channels, including social media, blog posts, newsletters, and other marketing collateral.

  • Plan, execute and analyse creative marketing campaigns that align with Impact Shakers' mission.

  • Educational Programme Support: Collaborate with the Impact Programme Manager to create supporting content and educational resources for entrepreneurial programs.

  • Reporting and Metrics Analysis: Provide actionable insights to enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: Translate quantitative findings into qualitative stories that highlight the impact on marketing strategies and outcomes.

  • Narrative Development: Create narrative structures that convey the story behind the data. Craft compelling and cohesive storylines that resonate with the target audience. Help to articulate our portfolio companies mission, values, and commitment to impact in a clear and inspiring manner.

  • Visual Storytelling: Work closely with design teams to create visually appealing representations of data, including charts, infographics, and interactive visualizations. Incorporate visual storytelling elements to enhance the narrative impact of data presentations.

  • Case Studies and Success Stories: Transform data-driven insights into comprehensive case studies and success stories.

  • Story-Based Campaigns: Develop thematic campaigns that leverage storytelling to connect with the audience emotionally.

  • Measurement and Impact Assessment: Establish metrics to measure the impact of data-driven storytelling on marketing effectiveness

  • Event Coordination and Support: assist in the planning and execution of events, both virtual and physical, ensuring seamless coordination and engagement. Provide hands-on support during events, including managing logistics, attendee interaction, and post-event follow-ups.

About you

  • You have great copywriting skills with a fresh and compelling written voice in English and can develop engaging communication to tell our story.

  • You have knowledge of and can execute online marketing strategies to support online marketing, including social media (we only use LinkedIn), newsletters, email, blog, SEO, etc.

  • You have the ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the audience needs to know and how they want to consume it.

  • You have experience with reporting (e.g. marketing campaigns, business metrics)

  • You’re passionate about reshaping how we see and use entrepreneurship as a vehicle for change.

  • You understand what diversity and inclusion mean from personal experience. 

  • You’re kind and care about others and how we interact with them and build relationships.

  • You’re excited about remote teams and working independently. 

  • You’re a creative problem solver, skilled at problem-solving, reading patterns, anticipating customers’ needs, analysing trends, and positioning opportunities for greater impact and revenue generation - even when faced with adversity, you’re always thinking up new creative solutions and offering real help.

  • You possess a willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies accordingly.

  • You are compelled by delivering results and making change happen.

  • You are pragmatic, efficient and can work at pace with a great ability to prioritise

  • You are committed to and actively promote our policy to value and respect diversity and inclusion.

  • You are located in Europe (incl the UK)

You have the courage to apply - we are open to applicants of all experience levels so don’t hesitate to apply if you feel inspired by the position and have the ability to learn quickly.

About Impact Shakers

Impact Shakers is a global impact ecosystem tackling societal and environmental challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship.

We believe entrepreneurship holds the power to change the world. Impact Shakers exists to unlock the true problem solving potential of humanity by using diverse & inclusive entrepreneurship to help us build systemic solutions to systemic problems.

Impact Shakers mission is to create impact at scale by evolving how we build businesses, for what purpose and who gets to build them. For thriving people on a thriving planet.

What we Offer

  • We are genuinely inspired by our work, which has tangible and significant positive impact on the world. We are building an exceptional team of hungry, respectful, creative, kind and smart people who think the same way and act on this every single day.

  • Become part of a growing organisation on a mission to shift the system with global ambition.

  • We believe in the power of purposeful business to change the world, including the world of work. Our team values individual needs for balance, ownership, and continual learning opportunities for each of us.

  • A value driven work environment. We hire for culture, so this is the perfect opportunity to align your values with your work. 

  • Work with inspiring partners.

  • Flexible working - choose your own hours.

  • We are open to different types of contracts, part time or full time and offer remote working opportunities. 

Impact Shakers is committed to creating a diverse environment and to building a diverse team and strongly encourage applications from womxn, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities.

Apply before midnight on Sunday Feb 18th by sending us your cv and motivation letter including a story in which you have beaten the odds, when they were stacked against you (a personal story on how you overcame obstacles) to

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