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Impact Shakers Ventures
Expression of Interest


Reserve a Position in Impact Shakers Ventures I COMMV (the Fund)

We're excited that you are interested in becoming part of our Impact Community!

To kick off this process, we would like to ask you for three things:

  1. A confirmation that you are interested in investing in the Fund,

  2. The amount you would like to invest in the Fund, and

  3. Some basic personal details to help us follow up with you.


By providing your information and submitting this form, we will also make sure that you will be sent all relevant documents for the Fund for review when they become available.

What you do get to review already are our Terms & Conditions. You can download the document HERE for your review. We will also send a copy to you once you submit this form and will of course be available should you have any questions or comments.

Now - are you ready to take the first step towards becoming an Impact Shaker?

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