Programme Development

We develop powerful entrepreneurial interventions targeting complex systemic issues.

We help foundations and NGO's to realise their mission by adding entrepreneurship as a tool for change. 

We create challenges, boot camps, incubators, accelerators, and venture studios focused on specific societal and environmental issues.


System Mapping

Through systems thinking we determine where entrepreneurial solutions can add value.


Design & Development

We design strategical concepts and develop entrepreneurial programmes.



We take care of the implementation of concepts and designs and their future iterations.


Our Work in Challenge Based Innovation

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Third Sector Startup Collaboration

Collaboration between the third sector and startups can benefit both sides. For third sector organisations, tapping into startups’ innovative ideas and ways of working can lead to increased impact. For startups, it can make the difference between failing and scaling.


Expand - Idea Accelerator & Toolbox

EXPAND is a 3-year Erasmus+ project.

The main goal of EXPAND is to develop a 4-month idea accelerator program for future entrepreneurs tackling systemic problems in society. After embedding all the learnings of the first Idea Accelerator, the project will disseminate a practical toolbox with the best practices to replicate the accelerator in other universities or institutions.

The toolbox will be available to teaching staff worldwide and it will include a viable, replicable and scalable methodology for implementing a challenge-based idea accelerator.



Startup acceleration program to fight modern slavery. 

FAROL was designed to unite and support projects in the fight against modern slavery, through collaborative innovation. The first accelerator of its kind.

Meaning “lighthouse” in Portuguese and Spanish, the program comes to shed light on a serious, deep and hidden global human rights issue and in turn contribute to rehabilitating the 40 million people who are currently enslaved.

Startups, grassroots organisations and projects will be invited to work alongside world class mentors and advisors to accelerate their goals.