Impact Shakers Labs

Together with partners, we create experimental entrepreneurship programmes. We work with underserved communities, tackle complex societal challenges and explore new educational methods to help more diverse audiences to start using entrepreneurship as a problem solving method.


Our Work

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Challenge-Based Education: Project Homelessness

Together with 3 European business schools and 3 startup ecosystems, we will work on new solutions for homelessness through entrepreneurship. We'll focus on the problem analysis and use society centered design.

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Opportunity Youth Become Entrepreneurs: Odds

We'll launch a first pilot programme with young people in Ghent, Belgium. Our participants are those that don't easily find their way into ambitious entrepreneurship. This is a first step towards an incubator for underrepresented founders.

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Startup - NGO Collaboration

The ‘Better Together: How startups and the third sector can collaborate’ report Impact Shakers initiated together with Nesta & Save the Children is a pioneering research into the question: 'How come startup - NGO collaboration hasn’t become a staple innovation practice yet like it is true for startup - corporate collaboration?'

For many impact businesses, corporates might not always be the right partner, customer or investor. The many large scale NGO's, foundations or UN subsidiaries are often a much better match. Until now, there was little research or framework to be used in establishing these types of collaborations. 

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Young Leaders Fellowship