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Impact Shakers

A pan-European impact fund 
investing in underrepresented founders


Impact Shakers Ventures exists to scale innovative solutions for people & planet

Impact Shakers Ventures will provide pre- Seed and Seed funding for those who

Use technology to solve "hair on fire" social and environmental problems

Believe in Impact as a business model (think SDGs & Donut model)

Have beaten the odds before

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Impact is the new Tech

Life-threatening issues face our climate and society. We require innovative solutions and agile, adaptive problem solving - and quickly!

The same people will come up with the same solutions - to truly innovate, we need a more diverse set of problem-solvers who look at the same issues, but view them from a different angle

We believe overlooked founders are the missing piece of the puzzle
because they live the issues they are trying to solve and they have beaten the odds before

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