Impact Shakers Community

Do you identify as an impact entrepreneur?

Do you want to grow your business while integrating new economic thinking?  

We are convinced that tackling complex societal challenges and building a business to do exactly that is one of the most powerful ways to help create large scale change.

Join our free Impact Shakers community online to find allies, expand your knowledge and grow together.

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Find Allies

Connect to other impact entrepreneurs and learn from shared insights. Strengthen your business by connecting with others. Find allies, partners, mentors, advisors and connect over shared values.

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Expand Your Knowledge

In our knowledge hub, we host regular webinar series and online courses. Learn about growing your business and how to do this in a way that integrates new economic thinking that aligns with your values. Connect and learn from other pioneers in value-driven entrepreneurship.

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Grow Your Business

Pitch your products & services to each other, become partners, customers or ambassadors for one another. Most networks don't allow selling on their platform, we encourage it. In the end, we all want to grow our businesses, so why not do this within a context of like-minded entrepreneurs.