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Beating the Odds


A challenge based entrepreneurship programme for those who beat the odds before and will do so again in the future. 


We believe entrepreneurship holds the power to change the world, but in order to unlock its true potential we need more people with more diverse backgrounds to become entrepreneurs.

Diverse in every sense of the word: gender, ethnicity, low-income background, humanist vs technologist, disabilities, experience, LGBTQ+, and anything you might identify with.

With Odds we are building out an ecosystem of support to elevate all the underused/overlooked talent that has beaten the odds before in their lives and will do so again.

We will create an alternative narrative to the dominant entrepreneurship one. The current startup model is built to serve an already privileged group. Although talent may be equally distributed, opportunity is not.

Through this program we want to empower and enable the underestimated to build ambitious businesses at the intersection of impact and profit.

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Inspire & Ideate

What anyone who doesn't see themselves as an entrepreneur needs first and foremost is to be inspired, is to identify with a story, with a person, with an amazing role model that can shift an attitude from not for me to this is me!

We will set up Odds Inspire & Ideate programmes in multiple cities, starting with Ghent & Lisbon.

The programmes consist of workshops to skill up, mentoring, peer to peer sessions, visits of inspiring impact businesses and hubs, ideation sessions.

It is aimed at up-skilling & confidence building.


The next phase in the ecosystem plan is to build an incubator where the best ideas to come out of the Inspire & Ideate programs can be nurtured and grow in a safe and well supported environment.

We want to offer small grants, because building a business while daily financial worries are your number one concern, doesn't work. This is one of the necessary actions to help diversify entrepreneurship.

Another barrier we want to focus on is general legal support. For people with a migration background, legal barriers are often the number one stop.


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News from the World of Alternative Financing

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Building ethical alternative financing in a big bank world

Nuno Brito Jorge is the founder & CEO of GoParity, an online peer to peer (P2P) lending platform that simplifies investment by offering the opportunity to get competitive returns in sustainable projects, from a very low initial investment. They want to drive the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive economic system and make investments in sustainable solutions accessible to all.


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