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Raise Alternative Funding for Your Impact Business


A 5 week programme brought to you by Impact Shakers & Atmos in partnership with Zebras Unite.

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Figure out which financing option is right for you and get fundraising

As an impact entrepreneur, venture capital is often not your idea of a sustainable investor. Blitzscaling and hustle porn might create different mental images than what they intend to describe in the unicorn lingo. Fortunately, there are actually many alternatives at your disposal and in this course, we provide you with an overview of alternatives that have been around for a while as well as brand new ones offering a more inclusive and sustainable narrative of investment and company growth. We help you figure out which alternative fits you and your company best and help you get started on your fundraising strategy with expert content, exercises and tools.

What you'll learn 

  • A comprehensive overview of the investment alternatives for impact ventures

  • Expectations of the different fundraising alternatives

  • How to figure out which fundraising option will work for you

  • How to build a fundraising strategy

  • Fundraising is hard work, but not impossible, you can learn what is needed​

What you'll get

  • Access exclusive content. We've designed Alternative Fundraising to inspire, instruct, and engage.

  • Meet new people. Your fellow students are as motivated as you are to master what we're exploring here in Alternative Fundraising.

  • Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in Alternative Fundraising, you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters.

Access an online curriculum delivered through weekly classes led by experts with case studies, curated content and tools to explore alongside. Join a growing peer-to-peer network of fellow founders seeking alternative funding options as well.


What to expect?

  • A comprehensive overview of the investment alternatives for impact ventures

  • Expectations of the different fundraising alternatives

  • How to figure out which fundraising option will work for you

  • How to build a fundraising strategy

  • Fundraising is hard work, but not impossible, you can learn what is needed

Who's it for?

  • Do you want to scale your impact business, but don't want to raise venture capital?

  • Do you want to learn which investment alternatives fit you and your company best and learn the impact of each of those on your company's future?

  • Do you want to create a fundraising strategy and get real about scaling your business?

We decided to create what we ourselves wanted and needed and we couldn't find anywhere else. The programme is suitable for founders worldwide.

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Learn From The Experts

Get access to live classes led by leading experts in Angel Investing to Crowdfunding and startups.


Mara Zepeda

Co-Founder & Managing Director of Zebras Unite

Sheeza Shah Headshot by Perfocal.png

Sheeza Shah

Founder & CEO UpEffect

nathan (2).jpg

Nathan Williams

Founder & CEO of Minespider


Liv Sibony

Co-founder & CEO of SeedTribe Impact Investment


Scott Richardson



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"This is a brilliant introduction to alternative finance opportunities. As a first-time founder, the finance aspect of the business seemed hugely overwhelming. Esme and Yonca do a brilliant job of breaking the different options down, outlining the consequences to consider, myth-busting, and presenting everything in clear, plain language. Highly recommend!"

Rebekah Clark, Founder of Happy Marlo


Meet Your Instructors


Founder & CEO Impact Shakers

Yonca Braeckman is the founder & CEO of Impact Shakers, a global impact ecosystem tackling complex societal challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship. She is a mission-driven entrepreneur and investor in underrepresented founder. She helped build the Belgian and European tech startup ecosystems and as a mentor at SXSW, Slush Tokyo, General Assembly, Village Capital, Shapers Impact Capital and startup programs across the globe, she guided many startups on their first steps abroad. She built a new smart city hub in Ghent, Belgium, with an in-house acceleration program called Watt Factory. She serves on the board of different non-profits and is the curator of TEDxGhent and the Techstars Startup Digest Reading List on Impact Entrepreneurship. Most recently she initiated the Horasis Young Visionaries for the Global Vision Community Horasis to add to her mission of lifting diverse social entrepreneurs.


Founder & CEO Atmos

Impact Shakers co-developed this programme with Atmos.

Esme is the founder and CEO of Atmos and helps founders work through the many barriers at each stage of fundraising. She is passionate about alternative business and capital structures. 

She co-founded the London Chapter of Zebras Unite, one of the largest global communities of investors and founders on a mission to build purposeful businesses. She is also a Scout for Ada Ventures and writes a monthly newsletter on alternative funding, new business structures and Zebra related news.


News from the World of Alternative Financing

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Building ethical alternative financing in a big bank world

Nuno Brito Jorge is the founder & CEO of GoParity, an online peer to peer (P2P) lending platform that simplifies investment by offering the opportunity to get competitive returns in sustainable projects, from a very low initial investment. They want to drive the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive economic system and make investments in sustainable solutions accessible to all.


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